📊 Votemarket Analytics

📊 Votemarket Analytics

đŸ€” The Purpose

Analytics (opens in a new tab) allow you to measure the actual impact of your vote incentive and compare it to other submitted vote incentives. You will also have access to the history of all rounds of your vote incentive, giving you a visual overview of the most effective period.

🔑 What can I find in the analytics ?

The analytics are displayed by round. For each round, you will in the header :

  • Round number

  • Round start/end date

  • Total deposited : the sum of all vote incentives total deposited

  • Average $/vote

  • Average efficiency

Then, you will find the list of vote incentives with for each the following data :

  • Gauge : gauge name / address

  • Non blacklisted votes : the number of actual votes that will receive the rewards

  • Total deposited : the total amount deposited for this round

  • $/vote : the reward amount received per vote

  • Incentives directed : the amount of inflation driven by the actual votes

  • Efficiency : the efficiency of the vote incentive. An efficiency greater than 1 indicates that the amount claimed for this vote incentive is less than the driven inflation.

Votemarket analytics

🔑 Analytics for a specific vote incentive

You can find a dashboard for a specific vote incentive with this link : https://votemarket.stakedao.org/analytics/[contract_address]/[vote_incentive_id (opens in a new tab)]

You will have access to the analytics of this vote incentive for each round on a single page. The columns of the table will be the same as on the previous page.

Votemarket analytics


Token reward price

Token reward price is the price at the start date of the round

Non blacklisted votes

Non blacklisted votes=Gauge weight−∑(Blacklisted weight)\text{{Non blacklisted votes}} = \text{{Gauge weight}} - \sum (\text{{Blacklisted weight}})

Total deposited

If we're calculating the next round and we have an upgrade in queue, then :

Total deposited=Total reward amount from upgrade in queue−Total claimedRemaining weeks\text{{Total deposited}} = \frac{{\text{{Total reward amount from upgrade in queue}} - \text{{Total claimed}} }}{{\text{{Remaining weeks}}}}

Otherwise :

Total deposited=Total reward amount−Total claimedRemaining weeks\text{{Total deposited}} = \frac{{\text{{Total reward amount}} - \text{{Total claimed}} }}{{\text{{Remaining weeks}}}}

Total deposited in dollar

Total deposited in dollar=Total deposited×Token reward price\text{{Total deposited in dollar}} = \text{{Total deposited}} \times \text{{Token reward price}}

Amount claimed

Amount claimed=Amount claimed at the end of the round−Amount claimed at the previous round\text{{Amount claimed}} = \text{{Amount claimed at the end of the round}} - \text{{Amount claimed at the previous round}}

Amount claimed in dollar

Amount claimed in dollar=Amount claimed×Token reward price\text{{Amount claimed in dollar}} = \text{{Amount claimed}} \times \text{{Token reward price}}

Dollar per vote

If the claim period is over :

Dollar per vote=Total claimedNon blacklisted votes\text{{Dollar per vote}} = \frac{{\text{{Total claimed}}}}{{\text{{Non blacklisted votes}}}}

Otherwise :

Dollar per vote=min⁥(Total deposited in dollarNon blacklisted votes,Max price)\text{{Dollar per vote}} = \min(\frac{{\text{{Total deposited in dollar}}}}{{\text{{Non blacklisted votes}}}}, \text{{Max price}})

Incentives directed

For Curve :
CVX inflation=(1−CVX Total supply100000000)×CVX usd price\text{{CVX inflation}} = (1 - \frac{{\text{{CVX Total supply}}}}{{100000000}}) \times \text{{CVX usd price}} CRV inflation=Weekly CRV inflation×CRV usd price\text{{CRV inflation}} = \text{{Weekly CRV inflation}} \times \text{{CRV usd price}} Incentives directed=\text{{Incentives directed}} = max⁡(CRV inflation,CRV inflation×0.83+Weekly CRV inflation×CVX inflation)×Gauge relative weight\max(\text{{CRV inflation}}, \text{{CRV inflation}} \times \text{{0.83}} + \text{{Weekly CRV inflation}} \times \text{{CVX inflation}}) \times \text{{Gauge relative weight}}
For Balancer :
Aura per BAL=((500−(auraTotalSupply−50000000100000)×2.5+700500)×0.4\text{{Aura per BAL}} = ((\frac{{500 - (\frac{{\text{{auraTotalSupply}} - 50000000}}{{100000}}) \times 2.5 + 700}}{{500}}) \times 0.4 Aura per veBAL=Aura per BAL×BAL Inflation\text{{Aura per veBAL}} = \text{{Aura per BAL}} \times \text{{BAL Inflation}} Aura per veBAL USD=Aura per veBAL×Aura price usd\text{{Aura per veBAL USD}} = \text{{Aura per veBAL}} \times \text{{Aura price usd}} BAL directed per veBAL USD=BAL price usd×BAL Inflation\text{{BAL directed per veBAL USD}} = \text{{BAL price usd}} \times \text{{BAL Inflation}} Incentives directed=\text{{Incentives directed}} = BAL directed per veBAL USD×(1−0.25)+Aura per veBAL USD×Gauge relative weight\text{{BAL directed per veBAL USD}} \times (1 - 0.25) + \text{{Aura per veBAL USD}} \times \text{{Gauge relative weight}}
For the other protocols :
Incentives directed=Protocol weekly inflation×Protocol token usd price×Gauge relative weight\text{{Incentives directed}} = \text{{Protocol weekly inflation}} \times \text{{Protocol token usd price}} \times \text{{Gauge relative weight}}


If we're calculating the current period, then :

Efficiency=Incentives directed USDTotal deposited USD\text{{Efficiency}} = \frac{{\text{{Incentives directed USD}}}}{{\text{{Total deposited USD}}}}

Otherwise :

Efficiency=Incentives directed USDAmount claimed USD\text{{Efficiency}} = \frac{{\text{{Incentives directed USD}}}}{{\text{{Amount claimed USD}}}}