๐Ÿ“ฉ Boosting voting power with VoteBooster

๐Ÿ“ฉ Boosted Vote Strategy

Empower your vote


Boosted Vote Strategies are currently exclusively available for Curve.

๐Ÿค” What is the Boosted Vote Strategy?

Some sdCRV holders are more interested in boosting their influence in governance decisions, and having a liquid token than earning yield with it. This is where the vsdCRV comes in. The vsdCRV allows sdCRV holders to boost their voting power, thanks to the delegated veSDT. They will also benefit from vote incentives.

โš™๏ธ How does it work?

Holders of sdCRV can deposit their tokens into the contract to obtain vsdCRV. Additionally, users have the option to deposit their CRVs directly, or staked sdCRV (gauge tokens), and the conversion will be automatically handled by the contract.

Similar that on Concentrator, veSDT holders can delegate their voting rights to the vsdCRV, in exchange for the yield normally claimable by sdCRV holders. (except the vote incentives one).

With this strategy, vsdCRV holders can boost their voting power and vote on sdCRV and sdCRV-gov snapshot spaces as they wish. They are also eligible for vote incentives like any other voter who voted for a gauge with vote incentives.

Through the Boosted Vote Strategy, Stake DAO now offers the ability to provide boosted voting power on users' CRV without the need for them to individually hold veSDT.

Here is a diagram detailing the architecture:


๐Ÿ“ In Summary

If you want to boost your voting power

Step 1: Deposit CRV or sdCRV

Deposit CRV or sdCRV on the Boosted Vote Strategy contract to receive vsdCRV.

Step 2: Benefit from veSDT Boost

vsdCRV holders benefit from the veSDT boost delegated to the Boosted Vote Strategy contract by veSDT holders. In exchange, veSDT holders receive all the rewards (CRV platform fees, 3CRV trading fees, and SDT incentives, except votes incentives ones) that are normally claimable by vsdCRV holders.

Step 3: Vote with Boosted Power

vsdCRV holders can vote on sdCRV (opens in a new tab) and sdCRV-gov (opens in a new tab) snapshot spaces as they want, with a boosted voting power.

If you want more rewards and you have veSDT

Step A: Delegate veSDT

Delegate your veSDT to the Boosted Vote Strategy contract to boost the voting power of vsdCRV holders.

Step B: Claim Rewards

As a veSDT delegator, you can claim the rewards that are normally claimable by vsdCRV holders.